Life Events

Thank you for including Moorings in your Life Event.  

Moorings offers one of the most beautiful Christian settings to take your marriage vows and hold your reception.  The pastors and staff are excited to assist members and their children in preparing for this special day filled with memories you will cherish for a lifetime.  Our chef will help you create a menu that expresses the culinary celebration of your wedding.

Please contact Tricia Rowles at (239) 213-5241 for additional information.  If you would like to schedule a consultation with a pastor, please contact Natalie Gonzalez at (239) 213-5225.

Baptism is an outward expression of our commitment and dedication of our lives to Jesus Christ. Our pastors are honored to help you express your faith in this Sacrament. Whether this Baptism is for you personally or your child, we are excited to share in this celebration with you and your family.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our pastors for Baptism, please contact Natalie Gonzalez at (239) 213-5225.

Planning a memorial service for your loved one is never easy.  At Moorings, we open these services to church members and active friends. Our pastoral team will help craft and lead appropriate services for your loved one.  Our staff and deacons will help you plan the next steps:

Meet with a pastor for care in anticipation of a loss
Explore & reserve a date for the service
Meet with pastors to plan the service
Selecting music & soloists, as needed
Discuss on-site reception options
Fees and honorarium

Please contact Natalie Gonzalez at (239) 213-5225 to begin the process of planning the service for your loved one.