Moorings Church | Naples, FL


Youth Ministry Mission Statement

With Jesus Christ at the center of our ministry, we commit to be welcoming and accepting of everyone. We work to create a dynamic environment for youth to come and grow in faith and friendships by providing opportunities for Bible study, prayer, music, worship, mission, and laughter.  We pray that as we live our lives, others can see the light of Christ in us.

Middle School Fellowship

Middle School Fellowship meets on Sunday nights during the school year in the Youth Center from 5:00 to 6:30pm. Our focus is on building relationships with Christ and one another through shared experiences. We begin with games, followed by group discussions about how faith connects to our daily lives, and end with dinner. Throughout the year we participate in off-campus events, mission projects, and retreats.

High School Fellowship

High School Fellowship meets on Sunday Nights during the school year from 6:00 to 8:00pm. We begin with dinner and fellowship, move to fun in the gym after, and finish with group discussion and Bible study.  Students have opportunities to take on leadership roles in all aspects of our time together.

Sunday School

During the school year, youth begin in worship with their families and leave for Sunday school following the Word for Children. Classes meet in the Youth Room in Upper Baker Center. On the first Sunday of every month, middle and high school youth stay with their families to participate in worship and the Sacrament of Communion.

Leadership Opportunities

Youth are invited to participate in all aspects of worship leadership from acolyting and ushering to reading liturgy and prayers.  High school students can assist in teaching for children’s programing and middle school fellowship. They are also invited to sit on committees of the church. All students are encouraged to utilize their different gifts to honor and praise God.


Throughout the year Middle and High school students come together for on and off campus events, mission work and retreats. Friends are welcome to join for youth fellowship events with online registration/release form.

  • Mission Days
  • Lock-in
  • Rock The Universe
  • Montreat High School Conference
  • Cedarkirk Retreat


For more information about Youth Ministry Programs contact our Director of Christian Education for Children and Youth Alicia Rowland at